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Stop Bullying - Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc.
Thank you for visiting our website. October is National Bullying Prevention month! Please join us and make the decision to stop a bully. Stop being a bystander, and speak up! Tell someone, tell anyone! Individually, we are weak, but united we stand. We are firm, strong, and can change lives!...Read more
Tourettes Uncovered Discovery Channel
Jaylen has been lucky enough to feature in a Discovery Fit and Health documentary. In this trailer you get to meet Jay and couple of other Tourette sufferers and follow them as they open up their lives for the viewers.Read more
Hello to all the good people that support me I wanted to let you know that I will be featured in another documentary that will begin filming tomorrow!!!! I'm very excited about it!!! It will be called "Tourette's - Pushing People to Greatness"! I am very honored that M-Tic chose...Read more
Dear Mr. Will Smith and Family: I would like to invite your family and ask you if I could escort Willow down the Red Carpet of my Hollywood movie premier "LIFTED" we are having on May 7, 2011 in Florida. You probably know my Uncle Dash Mihok from being in...Read more
Happy New Ywar 2011
Happy New Year everyone! Jaylen has a quick message for ya'll and is looking forward to meeting his supporters at the Walt Disney Marathon, Orlando on January 6th in aid of the TSA and then again at Natalies Sports Bar and Grill where Jaylen and Dash will be attending an...Read more