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Jaylen Arnold Receives Princess Diana Award From The Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry


Recently Jaylen was awarded The Princess Diana Legacy Award in London at St. James's Palace by THR, Prince William (the Duke of Cambridge) and Prince Harry! He is incredibly honored to receive this prestigious acknowledgment. Jaylen is the only American to receive the Legacy Award. It has been given to him in honor of Princess Diana's humanitarian efforts and comes on the 20th anniversary of her passing. Jaylen's photo and a short caption will be placed on exhibit at the Althorp House, the final resting place of Princess Diana. 

Not only did Jaylen meet bothPrinces, but they each spent time with Jaylen (without cameras, parents or cell phones) to really learn about the impact Jaylen is making through Jaylens Challenge Foundation. Prince William shared with Jaylen that he wanted to help his cause and they needed more people like him. Jaylen is looking forward to continuing his campaign in the U.K

Princess Diana: "...the value of doing good when no one is watching". We are so thankful for the privilege THe Diana Award and Their Royal Highnesses Prince William and Prince Harry have bestowed upon Jaylen Arnold by carrying on their mother's legacy. For Jaylen to receive the Legacy Award from the The Diana Award is truly a treasure. Jaylens life is God's novel and we are surely letting Him write it. We are following the purpose He gave him. 

You can read more about Jaylen and this award in People magazine here: