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World of Children Awards - New York City


Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. - born out of a need and fueled by passion, determination and an unwavering stance against those that choose to hurt others with their words and selfish actions.

It's gone on for too long. Since day one we have worked tirelessly in a bid to do our bit for society and educate the masses with our campaign against bullying.

Our work has taken us to many great places. We started out with local schools and organizations. Spreading the word to as many people as would have us and listen to the message. Over the years we have had communications from all over the world. Words of support from every corner of the planet. You see, this is not an issue that is isolated to a few places, this is an issue that affects people globally...and we have always aimed to do our part in an effort to rid schools of the serious issue of bullying.

From the very first day our message was heard all over America, we've not only been on every major news channel across the land, but featured in newspapers and radio stations across the United States. Recently, Jaylen was honored with the 'World of Children® Award' which would see himself and the foundation embark on a trip to New York City, New York for the prestigious event that was held to honor him for his work.

World of Children® Award improves the lives of vulnerable children by funding and elevating the most effective changemakers for children worldwide. That's right, Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. has been recognized as being an 'effective changemaker for children worldwide' which we think you can agree, is a pretty big occasion.

Heidi Nahser-Fink, Anne Hathaway, Jaylen Arnold, Adam Shulman, Marlo Thomas, Mary Grace Henry, Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson-Leibowitz attend 2014 World of Children® Awards (GETTY IMAGES)

The award ceremony was spectactular! There were over 700 successful leaders of industry, and they all were there to show support for the children of this world and help us fund ways to help them.

Jaylen was to meet so many wonderful people and to be a part of this event is something that will forever remain as an inspirational moment in Jaylens heart.

The day was filled with special visits, photo opportunities and interviews that included an incredible surprise for Jaylen. You see, Jaylen handles the media very well. He is a natural in front TV cameras and microphones. He has stood up  and presented his message in front of thousands of children and adults. Jaylen has never been lost for words. However, there is a first time for everything! When asked during an interview who his favorite actresses were he answered 'Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway'. He had no idea they would arrange for him to meet Anne Hathaway at the event. Jaylen has met several celebrities and has never been star-struck...ever.

When he meets other celebrities often, he is very polite but acts casual. However, when they purposely brought Jaylen into an area with Anne Hathaway and she said " little buddy!", he grabbed his heart, said "I Love You" and then blacked out from there. He was so elated, he doesn't remember any more of the conversation. It was a priceless moment and one that was caught on camera.

Anne Hathaway and Jaylen Arnold (GETTY IMAGES)

There are so many things to be thankful for, but a special thanks goes to the World of Children® Award for recognzing the work Jaylen and the team have done with his anti-bullying campaign across the country. Their generosity has ensured this message stays strong and more children will see first hand the benefits of the Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc. Anti-Bullying Curriculum we provide to schools across the country.

Jaylen would like to send a personal shout out to: The Lebowitz family, World of Children Organization, Arwen, Lynn, Mr. Adam Shulman, and Lazydays for making this evening possible and helping him to realize his dream and to keep going in the mission.

More images from the event are available here in the gallery - World of Children Awards 2014 - New York City, New York