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So much walking, just too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anonymous are you doing? And you better not say I don't like that word so much I cant even say it, how about I'll spell it out for you... ok,here we go...B-A-D. Anyway I did my run with my Dash , well I just walked, but it was terribly very long. I mean my feet would not stop hurting until 5 days. But we raised $2,000 for the TSA to help find a cure!!!!But now here are some pictures :



Cool huh? It took a while to get to those places in the walk. Before  & after the run I had the best time!!! Thanks to everybody there ,especally my friend Ally! She was soooooo funny there!!!!!!!!!!!  she made me  l.o.l.s.m.,<-----(laugh out loud so much.) WE all went to Hollywood Studios too but they didn't have too much fun stuff for me and it was so cold. The Magic Kingdom Disney World is more fun!!!!! And we danced and sang to my ipod at night at the hotel and got to go out to eat alot but I sure was tired when we got back home!!!!!!!!!!

Here is something I want to tell you. Just last week I spent the night and church !!!!!!!My dad went and a whole lot of boys for my boys scouts.  It was sooooo fun!!!!!!! I really  ran around there with all the lights off!!! It was sooo cool!!!!!

 Well my mom is making me get off the computer and get ready for bed!!!!!!!!I hope you have a great day tomorrow celebrating Martin luther King day!!!!!!!!!

I should have some new videos on my page soon cause Dash took some videos while we were gone of us  being really silly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I'm doing a radio interview tomorrow with Dash for a radio station in Phillidelphia. I will let you know when you can hear it or hear it after on line.


"Tic" ya later,