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Hi Friends and Family - I just wanted to take the time to give you a little update on Jaylen. Many of you are wondering why he isn't making videos and blogging as much lately.Read more
This is simply a terrific way of showing support for the Bullying No Way! campaign. Michael ( TrueDantalion ) has very kindly put together a 'You Tube' video to make everyone aware of Jaylen's Bullying No Way! campaign and to let them know where they can get a Bullying No Way! custom avatar. I know how much work went into making this and just want to say on behalf of all of us here at Jaylen's Challenge THANK YOU!!!Read more
Hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry about my title I didn't mean for it to be selfish but tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!I am going to be 9 and I am so excited!!! My mom and my sister have aRead more
Hello people!!!!!!!!!!How was your first day back at school??? Mine was G-R-E-A-T all thanks to MS. LEE one of the best teachers in the world!!!!!!!!! She is really fun to work with. I never been so happy about the first day of school in my life!!!! And I did NOT get a card pull!!!!!!!Read more
My tics are ticcing. I'm up late. Do any of you have any tics that keep you awake or wake you up? Please leave your answers on my forum. "tic" ya later, Jaylen xoxoRead more