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Hey everyone!!!!Sorry I haven't written to ya in a little while but my tics put me out of it for a bit. I have some exciting things to tell you and I am feeling much better tonight!!!!!!!!!Read more
Don't forget to watch my segment called "The American Spirit" which will be on tonight at 6:30 pm on CBS National News with Katie Couric!!!!!! "tic" ya later, Jaylen xoxoRead more
Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc
Well its been a little while but Jaylen wanted to say a few words to everyone.Read more
Below is a variety of media where Jaylens Challenge has been featured. Jaylens PSA Commercial for the Deaf Walking for Autism Speaks / (fast forward to 29:07 to hear Jaylen's interview) more
Bonjour!!!!!!!! Wee wee, yes its true I have shout outs to people and some good news!!!Read more