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Katie Kouric
Jaylen Arnold has made quite an impact on children around the world. So much so that he was invited to feature on the CBS production of Katies Courics -The American Spirit.Read more
Discovery Fit and Health
Hello everyone did you see my premier of "Tourette's Uncovered" on the Discovery Health Channel? What did you think? I was really nervous but I think everyone now understands my disorder alot more. I was very nervous for you to see how I live my life everyday with Tourette Syndrome...Read more
Hello people of America!!! I wanted to share this video with you. I have been so busy!!! Ihope you had a great Independence Day!!! My tics at night have still been crazy and I've been up sooo late but it's getting a little better now that summertime is here!!! My...Read more
Hello friends I just wanted to tell you some very good news that mom told me today!!! I'm sorry for not blogging lately because my tics are really bad right now and I have been having a lot of trouble!!!Read more
Jaylens Challenge Foundation, Inc
Yep!!! Justin Bieber made his way into our house and my mom hasn't even bought one cd yet!!! Just look at Nina, he!he! She has BIEBER FEVER and it is funny!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, mom was in the room cleaning and took the little video player and zoomed in and recorded Nina!!!!!!Read more